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The most precious gift in life is to be born to loving parents who are capable of caring for you until you are mature enough to care for yourself. That is the natural order of things. Unfortunately each year between 400,000 and 440,000 infants are affected by parental drug abuse. Drug abuse among parents, especially the mother, is the number one reason children are placed in foster care. These children hurt. Every child that comes into foster care is in pain which can translate into deep psychological trauma leading to Reactive Attachment Disorders.

Mother - Sober Living

  • Parenting Classes & Life Skills

  • Drug & Alcohol Education

  • Case Management

  • Supervised Infant Care

  • Mandatory Drug Testing


  • 12-Step Attendance

  • Job Skills Assistance

  • Daily House Meetings

  • Referrals to Mental Health Services

  • Pet Friendly Program


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